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Inspired2Go is deliberately designed to encourage, inspire and restore hope to mankind through practical examples from the Word of God. By using biblical principles, it hopes to challenge its vast audience to strive for the best in life, to never quit on God, but rather to build a solid faith in Him, one day at a time.

The inspiration for Inspired2Go came from fulfilling a part of the vision God gave me for Ministry: “To inspire every man to seek to know God intimately.” The best way man can know or truly connect with God is through His Word. Therefore, by providing a devotional with scriptural passages, people are spending time in the Word and deepening their relationship with God; thereby building intimacy with Him.

Also, I believe that the outcome of a person’s day is largely determined by how it starts; so if you start your day with a word of inspiration and encouragement, you tend to stay positive and well-motivated for the day, and are likely to end the day on a great note.

The main aim of Inspired2Go is to build a body of believers that will fall in love over and again with the Word of God, rightly divide the Word of God, solid and grounded in their faith, fearless against the storms of life, excellent in their sphere of influence, and spiritual giants who can go on to influence & impact their world positively.

Inspired2go is for people from any race, religion or age bracket desiring to develop intimacy with God. Those seeking sound principles to guard them in making the right choices in fulfilling their purpose on earth, and ultimately for victorious everyday living.