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  1. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi


    1. Beth

      Lord, please help me to remember that, there is a Judge and I am not him. Help me to be quick to ask for forgiveness and also be quick to give it.
      It is always about You, not me!!

  2. Micheal ogbadu

    Lord let there be no unforgiveness found in my heart, help me to always forgive wrongs and to let’s go of wrongs from my heart so help me God. God bless pastor wale God bless ILCC.

  3. Dominic

    Father in heaven, give me a heart of Jesus Christ who teaches us to forgive at the cross in Jesus mighty name amen

  4. Dominic Livinus

    Lord give me a forgiving spirit in Jesus mighty name amen


    Lord help me to forgive even the one I struggle to let go, engrace me and let your love overwhelm me so I can reflect it.

  6. Maryam Jude

    Love never fails
    Love fails when we fall to love
    Yes the DNA of God is in me which is love I give out love because love cover multiple of sin

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