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  1. Sarah Johnson

    Jesus expects us to plan before embarking on any business, cause He is a master planner.

    Planning is the key to success thank God for this great revelation.

  2. Uduak

    I am grateful this came ‘early’ in the year. Stopped ‘procrastination’, and made me go back to the written plan.
    Lord, help me. Let the good things not stop me from doing the right things. That’s the worst distraction!

  3. Victor Okurerie

    A call to action. I heard it loud and clear!

  4. Jay Porbeni

    I am thankful to be taught the concept of planning and from the word!
    I pray to understand God’s will, to live carefully in His wisdom, to learn the concept of planning thereby making the most of every opportunity.

  5. NKEM

    Planning is the best way to success… What ever positive step we have to take
    ..planning should come first..for a positive result..

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