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  1. Elizabeth Aginieyi Tyongi

    Amen and amen, let my faith bear fruits in Jesus name

  2. Wickliffe Olufemi

    Lord build me up to the point where my faith in you is unshakable no matter the circumstance

  3. Ashi Dooshima

    I combine my Faith with my work today just as I believe that it is possible.

  4. Adaku onwudiwe


  5. Amaka Nwaka

    It’s easy for me to THINK and SPEAK… The Lord will help me with SEEING through His eyes and DOING the word like a fully convicted person. Amen.

  6. Uduak

    “I declare that I please God by faith. I rise above this system and I step into the realm of faith in my service to God, marriage, & finances. I refuse to participate in the corruption in the world. I stand on the Word & conquer situations by my faith in Jesus name.”Amen!

  7. Missybee

    I think God”s word, I see God’s way, I speak God’s word and I do God’s word. I am an unstoppable force because I believe everything the word of God says and as I believe, I see.

  8. Wanzenke Felix Kaase

    Lord it my faith yield fruit and grow from strength to strength in the matchless name of Jesus Amen.

  9. Hari Toni

    God listens to your cries and prayers. BUT he is MOVED by your faith. And the only evidence of your faith is your actions (works)!

  10. Feson

    Lord I’m committed to seeing things your way, today I am transformed to your image to enable me activate that frequency of miracles. Faith let’s go…Thank you.

  11. DHB

    I receive grace to believe and act on my beliefs despite the contrariness of my circumstances in Jesus name, amen!

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