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  1. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    Insightful to see how God provided for Elijah.

    When one source dried up/ got exhausted, he activated another source.

    Elijah had to hear, believe and act to benefit from God’s provision.

    #activatedsources #jehovahjireh #faithfuel

  2. ...Mangai

    ….Untill we put our faith to work nothing works. We must stand on the word of God and put it to work, knowing that is can never, it has never and it will never fail.
    #theworsworks #faithworks

  3. D.H.B.

    The Word can only benefit me when I put it to use. There might be thoughts of ‘maybe’ but still I must show my Faith by my actions.


  4. Olayinka

    I will put my faith to work and latch on to the word of God and his promises regardless of what I see. I will trust the report of The Lord . Be still and know he is God and he is in control . I will not waiver .

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