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  1. Uduak

    God is good ALL the time!!!

    1. Olayinka

      All the time God is good !!!!

  2. Shizawali

    I must let the Spirit of good lit in me shine at all times! Glory to God!

  3. Ekanem

    May the Holy Spirit continually remind me to emulate the goodness of God, even when I feel it is undeserved.

  4. Sarah Johnson

    I choose to do good today come what may.
    Jesus is the ultimate, just have to be like Him.

  5. Deborah Atama

    Goodness whispers into the lives of a friend, stranger, or enemy alike: “You are fearfully & wonderfully made”. It helps someone undeserving in need & hopes that it echoes throughout the person’s life into their thoughts, feelings and actions so they can pay it forward.

  6. Iphie

    God is infinitely good, let that resound and resound and resound again and again.
    No matter the circumstance or situation that went wrong, it has got nothing to do with God.
    Jesus, the High Priest that feels and knows my/our infirmities.
    He is infinitely good, all the time…

  7. Akanji Rebecca

    I can testify that my creator is good, I also must be good to people in spite of how I feel. I will sow seeds of goodness in all my dealings by His grace.

  8. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    Goodness is without circumstance. It pays no attention to social class, gender or weather. Like Light, it penetrates and illuminates.

    It is self perpetuating.

    #goodness #goodnessisblind #faithgym

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