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  1. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    Dreams are birth so we can see.

    God will work with what you can see in your mind( your faith), “as far as your eyes can see” that He will give to you.

    Open my eyes Lord. I want to see you.

    #eyesopen #dreamscometrue #perfection

  2. Okey Onwudiwe

    Lord, help me to stay focused on You and on Your promises.. May I not be swayed by the circumstances around me because the accomplishment of the dreams you’ve given me are not determined by man or by my circumstances. I chose to trust in Your plans of good for me because my steps are ordered by You. Thank you, Lord!

  3. Sam Achema

    Awesome Word 🙌
    If the dream is not big, its not God’s. If it is not laughed at, ridiculed and probably doesn’t bring you persecution, its not heaven sent. But God is faithful, no dream of His planted in our hearts can ever fail if we’re willing to pay the price of faithfulness to Him.

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