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  1. Ene Sefia

    Dreams are absolutely free! Give me the wisdom to go beyond just dreaming 🙏🏽

  2. Shiza Abu

    Achieving that dream could sometimes mean I have to endure some measure of discomfort, sacrifices , betrayals and in some cases mockery.
    I trust you Lord for the grace to go through it,for I shall surely come out victorious! Amen.

    1. Wale Afelumo

      Amen! And you are doing great, sis!

    2. Uduak Afelumo

      Amen Sis!

  3. Aisha Kyong

    Father, today I ask for fresh grace to pass through the process of greatness, grace to sharpen the gifting that you have given me. I come against premature exposure; birth me full term my Father, in the name of Jesus Amen!

    1. Evelyn B.

      The obstacles to achieving some dreams can be so tough, but I know that while the devil is busy messing around, my God is busy blessing me and bringing me closer to achieving my dreams in Jesus name. Amen.

      1. Wale Afelumo


  4. Wale Afelumo

    The songwriter said, “Nobody told me the road would be easy….” Truly, we see the end and not always the journey. I thank you Lord for bringing me this far in my journey, I receive the grace to pay the price and get to my destination, in Jesus’ name.

  5. Bright George

    Dear Lord Jesus, as dreams are like pregnancy conceive to be birthed in it’s due time, give me the required nutrients that will feed my dreams to a healthy and maximum delivery .

    1. Sam Achema

      Amen Bro 🙏🏽

    2. Uduak Afelumo

      Amen Bro.

  6. Temitope Ajao

    “Let us run with patience the race that is set before us” . I pray for patience while I pay the price to bring my dream alive. Amen

    1. Wale Afelumo

      Amen! Grace, Lord.

  7. Aghogho Umukoro

    Father give me the strength and grace to endure the journey and pay the price to see my dream manifest. Amen.

  8. Uduak Afelumo

    Lord help me never to lose sight of the End!

  9. Ive Kanebi

    I have a dream. God will fulfill it

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