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  1. Emeka Fred-Hilary Kanebi

    Saved by Grace; undeserving and a deliberate God-act, and not by your works, deserves not only your thanksgiving but your deliberate “thanks-living”.
    Thankful for the gift of Salvation.

    #deliberatethanksliving #deliberateGodact #showandtell

  2. Julius Obomokhai

    I’m grateful to God Almighty that I started this year with my wife and now God has blessed us a handsome baby boy. Lord we are grateful!

  3. Lauretta

    I Thank you Lord for the gift of salvation. You are the reason why I sing. Jesus, You are the reason I am.

    1. Swadchet Sankey

      Indeed the greatest gift of all… SALVATION. The very reason of our being, to be saved and to worship God in Spirit and truth. For the countless and boundless benefits that come with bring saved, lord we are grateful.

  4. Okponung Evelyn

    I am greatful to God that I am alive this day in good health, peace, joy, with a Job, a roof over my head etc.

  5. Mangai

    …that i am saved today is enough reason to thank God, i wonder where i would have been today, looking back at my life and my “use to be friends”. i know that God has a big plan for me. Father i thankyou for salvation.

  6. Sarah Johnson

    My life is God’s gift to me, thank God for the cross.

    My children are God’s gift to me,for the fact that my children are not wayward is a gift to me I will never take it for granted.

    I bless Jehovah for His unmerited favour upon my life and my children.

  7. Ijeoma Emezue

    Am glad to be alive and saved and I want to say thank you Lord for saving my family and for all he has done from the beginning of the year till now

  8. D.H.B.

    Hmm Lord where would I have been without Your amazing grace in my life? I don’t want to think about it, today I deliberately pause to say: “Thank You for my salvation.” Imela Papa! You did it all for me, I am grateful that You did!

  9. Ifeanyi

    Am forever grateful to God, for his love and mercies.

  10. Noel

    Lord God I thank You for the gift of life. I thank You for the of peace and joy upon my life. I thank You Lord a thousand time

  11. Agogs

    Thank you Lord for redeeming me with your precious blood; what would i have been doing/ where would i be if you didnt save me?Thank you for making me escape hell…
    Thank you for the gift of the Holy spirit, thank you for all the benefits of salvation that i have enjoyed and still enjoying…
    #showandtell #thanksgiving #2017

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