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    School of Hard knocks, this is where we are beaten into shape. Raw gold in the furnace will think itself senselessly tortured but when it emerges, it becomes the most precious metal of the finest quality. We learn better in adversity, there is nothing bad in experiencing it now and then for at times, its the only rein God uses to pull us back to Himself and back to our senses. Thank you vintage Pastor Wale, this is a masterpiece. Currently undergoing a course in the School of Hard knocks but wouldn’t have traded it for anything. To God be the glory.

  2. Beth

    Affliction can become a catalyst for awakening! Missing the step does not mean I should stay there and have a pity-party, it should make me move towards ways to better the situation. Lord, thank you for mindsets that are being changed to accommodate my perfected status.

  3. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    The Gift of Pain. No pain, no gain.

    Rebellion, discomfort, coming to self, repentance, restoration, Perfection.

    #advance #perfection #movingforward

  4. Okey Onwudiwe

    Discomfort will often prod you in the direction God wants you to take, especially if He has been trying to get your attention, unsuccessfully.

    It can truly be a blessing when discomfort causes you to ‘come to your self (to your senses)!

    A word in season indeed!

    Thank you, Pastor Wale.

  5. Sam Achema

    …discomfort can be a blessing to us when it drives us to make changes in our lives that would make us better in the long run. 👏👏
    all things work together for my good
    Wisdom to seek the blessings in my discomfort dearest Lord 🙏

  6. D.H.B.

    I receive wisdom to be strategic as I seek ways to use my discomfort to my advantage.

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