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  1. Ashi Dooshima

    Amen. If God be for me…it doesn’t matter who is against me. I’m born a winner. I’ll always win in life!

  2. Olushola


  3. Shizawali

    God with me.
    A present help!

  4. D.H.B.

    Thank You Lord, if trouble shows up, You are ever present to carry me thru and bring me on the other side victoriously…..

  5. Helen

    My trust is in you Lord, even when I pass through the troubled waters… I will be still to the very end.

  6. Olayinka

    I am still and know he is Lord. I trust in him and know he is God. My present help in trouble .

  7. Keziah Gankon

    Yes Lord Jesus Christ, I am guilty of this. But I am greatful for my present situation. You have blessed me. Bless my Jesus name we pray amen

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