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  1. Dominic Livinus

    The only one who can hire and fire, from the MD to the cleaner is the Customer, without the customer, there wouldn’t be any business #building relationship build a business. It’s our business to build up our relationship with God in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ business is to do His father’s business and finished His father’s business, we must also make service to God our own business

    1. Dave A. Voice

      Wow! This is so powerful and so true! God bless you.

    2. Beth

      God is about people Business is about people. I love God, so I must be about people, even in my place of business.

  2. Joel

    The bible in 1 Kings 10:8 say; “Happy are your men! Happy are your servants, who continually stand before you and hear your wisdom”. Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon and observed how King Solomon’s men are happy. It points to the fact that King Solomon do not take for granted the welfare of his staff or workers or employees…

  3. D.H.B.

    One satisfied customer will promote my brand more than 10 billboards can do. I will work to maintain good relations with my clients. So help me God!

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