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  1. Elizabeth Aginieyi Tyongi

    Amen and amen help my God to conquer by faith in Jesus mighty name amen

  2. Josephine Gideon

    Lord by Faith I conquer every mountain that stands in the way of my purpose, I super impose the workings of the Holy Spirit of God to do and to will according to the power that is work in my life… Help me to work the talk in Jesus name

  3. Joshuapepsie


  4. Wickliffe Olufemi

    Lord by Faith I overcome my struggles and worries . Thank you for the gift of faith that comes with salvation

  5. Uduak

    What did Rahab ‘hear’ that made her ‘risk’ her life to hide the spies? Faith in God’s Word and in His ability to bring it to pass will cause me to live a victorious Christian life.
    I declare that I live by faith. I choose to see & stand with what God says. Therefore, I conquer ALL! In Jesus name, Amen.

  6. Allison Clementina

    Thank you Pastor, for reminding of the gift of my salvation at the cross, “The faith” given to me when I receive Jesus Christ is enough for me to conquer fear and to win battles that confront me daily. I am blessed with this reassurance. God bless you Sir.

    1. Pastor Wale Afelumo

      Amen… Faith in God is our victory always. Thanks.

  7. Hari Toni

    Faith can work without prayers. BUT prayers cannot work without faith. We live full life; run through wall, leap over mountains; and walk with God by faith. Awesome post. please keep it coming!

    1. Pastor Wale Afelumo

      Wow! Insightful. Thanks

  8. Helen

    Amen!… my faith should not depend on things which are visible(Heb 11:3), because faith is the evidence of things not seen.

    1. Pastor Wale Afelumo

      Yes, just because certain things are not seen does not mean they are not real. Victory may be invisible now, but it sure will manifest shortly, in Jesus name.

      1. Helen

        Amen… Thank you Pastor

  9. Esther Onwunali

    Amen!… I declare that I conquer all my struggles and I’m victorious by FAITH.

  10. Dave A. Voice

    Be it unto me Lord, according to your promises. I superimpose the truth of God’s word over the facts of my circumstances and I see them change for the better, in Jesus name!

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