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forget you

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  1. Ive Kanebi

    I am a child of God!

    Greed and discontentment

  2. Ive Kanebi

    I am a Child of God!

    Greed and lack of contentment tells lies, it says God has forgotten, it fails to acknowledge God’s goodness and keeps the potential due season blurred.

  3. Ene Daniel-Ebune

    Thank you Lord, for sending this word of confirmation. I rest in Your love with the assurance that You will never forget me.

  4. Jessica Esin

    Thank you Jesus for your reassuring love

  5. Sam Achema

    “Surely, they may forget, yet YOU will not forget me”
    Thank you Jesus !

  6. Samuel Kuria

    I thank you Lord, that I am never out of your sight nor out of your mind. Thank you for being so mindful of me.

  7. Uduak Afelumo

    Glory to God for the deep assurance of His love!
    The One who cannot but see me because I am inscribed, tattooed and engraved on His palm.
    It is humbling that the Hands that hold the universe, holds me!

  8. Wale Afelumo

    I am glad that You keep records; You are a God who never forgets Your own.

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