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  1. cham

    U surrender all to You Jesus

  2. cham

    I surrender all to You Jesus

  3. Olushola Mshelia

    I take my eyes off the situation and circumstances and focus on God who is the author and finisher of my faith. Shalom

  4. Mariam Casimir

    No matter the gravity of challenges and struggles in life situation i fix my eyes on Jesus to walk through victoriously

  5. Deborah Atama

    Lord I ask for the grace & strength to praise you even in the storm. To always lift my eyes to the hills because my help comes from you Jesus-my strength & sufficiency and you are more than able to keep that which I commit to you no matter what.

  6. Shizawali

    Keep my eyes fixated on you Lord! You alone!

  7. Sarah Johnson

    If God has promised He will do it. So I need to depend on God completely.

  8. Helen

    I put the whole of my trust in God for he is my help & shield, the author & finisher o my faith.

  9. Elizabeth Tyongi

    Hmmm total reliance is what I need because the arm of flesh has failed me just as the Bible has warned. Help me Lord to continue to focus on you the author and finisher of my faith

  10. Abraham

    I can do all things through Jesus Christ my lord

  11. Achor chux

    I can do all things through Christ. I yield myself to you God and I hold on to my faith that I will accomplish my dream no matter how big it is. And I know you are with me God.

  12. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    It is interesting to know that God sets us up in Faith to get us to our next level.

    He set the disciples up to experience him in a new dimension, he sent them ahead of him.

    My current turbulence is a set up for me to enter my next level , first in faith and experience JESUS in a new dimension.

    #Godrevealed #faithgym #Herescues

  13. Jay Porbeni

    No matter which way the “winds” of life blows, I will trust in God; My confidence in Him shall never drop.
    I refuse to be distracted by situations, society, contrary mind set; For my faith is rooted in the word.
    The Lord is my strength, the pioneer and perfecter of my faith; Therefore, I will overcome whatever is set before me!

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