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  1. Dave A. Voice

    It’s so worrisome how a negative belief can so shape one’s life, affect one’s relationship, justify a hurtful way of life and keep good away sometimes.
    I pray to God to help me find, receive and believe the truth that will destroy strongholds in my mind, from His Word, in Jesus name.

  2. Keziah Gankon

    Thank you Lord Jesus for this day. Help me to abide in your word every day,…thank you so much for being alive

  3. Ajiroghene Ayokunle

    Thank you Jesus for your word in season. Thank you much more for I2go that pours out fresh each day.
    I take authority in your name and tear down every stronghold I have let the enemy build over my life! I declare Rom 8:28, Psa 102:13, Isa 26:3, Rom 1:17 and I quieten every strange voice that ministers to my spirit-away with half truths and truth-like lies in Jesus’ name.

    I choose to meditate on Your word dear Lord, always, until it manifests in my life, amen!

  4. Royaldiadem

    Today I align my thoughts with the things that are true, things that are pure, things that are worthy, things that are beautiful and things that are of good report🙏 every stronghold of the enemy on my mind is broken in Jesus name🙏 Halelluyah

  5. Samuel Achema

    Strongholds can come down!
    Strongholds are crashing now.
    As the truth in Your word pierce through

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