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  1. Beth

    Dear Lord, thank You for sending helpers to me and thank You for the privilege of making me a Partner In Purpose with my spouse, my Pastor, my fellow church members and my colleagues.
    In being an answer to prayer, may my prayers be answered. Amen.

  2. ...Mangai

    …Father I call forth my destiny helpers to help me fulfill purpose in life. Use me as a tool in your hand to be a solution to someone.
    Thank You Lord.

  3. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    Find purpose and your partners in purpose will find you.

    #God-led #advance #forwardmarch

  4. Julianne

    I receive my destiny helpers in Jesus name

  5. Sugh Doofan

    Lord I pray that you give me the grace to discover my purpose & mission, so that my partners will discover me too, cause I come to understand that I am not only the one who need this partners, I also have to partner others. May God give me the grace to discover them as well in Jesus name, Amen!

  6. Kay

    My life vision and mission is cleared stated so send forth my guardian partners in purpose to come assist and direct me to achieve it in Jesus name I pray. Amen

  7. Terfa

    Awesome post.
    I think we all need to remember to stay steadfast in our focus and pursuit of purpose.
    As we do so,the unique heplers will come.
    Also we should try to help those we care about achieve as well.
    What goes around comes around.

  8. Elizabeth Tyongi

    Amen, most gracious and eternal king of glory help me to be somebody’s destiny helper in Jesus mighty name Amen

  9. Dominc Livinus

    God almighty, send partners in my life who are destiny moulders towards my future in Jesus name amen.

  10. Olushola Mshelia

    What an awesome message.

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