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"My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me." – John 10:27...


"How can I give you up, Ephraim? How can I hand you over, Israel?" ~ Hosea...


  1. Gidal

    I celebrate my GOD and I’m grateful for ALL the jobs I have had since I started my work life in 2004. In all that time I have held several positions and jobs that only had to be by God’s favour. I thank God again because the jobs have always come at the time I needed it most!! I bless the name of the LORD!!!

  2. Princess Maya

    I am thankful today, not everyone that is a graduate. So many started but didn’t finish. I started and I finished. It’s not by my power or strength, but by the grace of God. I give u all the Glory. Thank you Lord thank you Jesus.

  3. Feson

    I’m so graceful to God for divine favours in the life of my family living abroad. His provisions, protection and fulfilment of promises are beyond human connections and resources. Thank you for everything Lord.

  4. Ijeoma Emezue

    Grateful for life and good health in my family his kindness towards us

  5. Okponung Evelyn

    I am greatful to God for my job, for making things work together for my good

  6. Uduak

    “Rejoice, highly favored Uduak, the Lord is with you; blessed are you among women!”
    Luke 1:28 NKJV
    I rejoice today for the favor of childbearing! Having our first child in 2004 wasn’t the plan, it should have been 2003 latest. If it wasn’t for God & His orchestration of events, I really don’t think 2004, 2005 & 2009(the years each of my children were born) would have been realities for my husband & I!
    I’m favored & I know it!
    Thank You my Father!!!

  7. NKEM

    I want to thank God for his faithfulness upon my life n my family generally, for d job he gave to me, his divine promotion.. to my husband… He has being Awesome God… For all he is about to do now……. May his name be praise!!!

  8. Emeka Fred-Hilary Kanebi

    For the privilege to be at peace within even when surrounding elements are contrary, I am thankful.

    Underserved blessings should provoke deliberate praise/thanksgiving.

    #undeserving #deliberategratitude #provokedpraise #showandtell

  9. Adaku

    Thank you Lord for your Favour, thank you for blessing me with this new job and the position, it can only be you. Words fail me. Thank you Jesus

  10. Henry

    I am thankful to God for the favor he gave to me and my wife when we were planing our wedding and when we were looking for a house to rent.

  11. Helen

    I thank God for his protection and provision upon my family. His favour upon my husband. Hmmm! If it was not for the LORD who has been on my side I would have not been married today… Hallelujah

  12. Ub

    I thank God that even with internal adhesions, I delivered of a beautiful baby boy. A happy child who smiles instead of crying. We left the hospital at the stipulated time and had no cause to stay any extra days. Praise the Lord!

  13. Agogs

    I am grateful to God for the privilege to have my own business!!! And my buiness is doing great… i do not take it for granted. Awesome God.

  14. D.H.B.

    I am grateful to God for all round favor that He has given me with my friends. I have friends who stick closer than family. I have friends who have paid my bills when I was in financial dire straits. I have friends that have shown me si much live and affection. For all these beautiful people around me, I say, “thank You Lord.”

  15. Michael

    Hallelujah, I Thank the ALMIGHTY GOD for His LOVE unto my family and I. For gracing my life to be a GRADUATE despite all ODDS and antecedents. May the Name of the LORD remain exalted in the highest….. Hallelujah

  16. Tonia

    Thank you for the great post

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