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“…And so I will go to the king, which is against the law; and if...


“What once was glorious no longer holds any glory because of the increasingly greater glory...


  1. Japari Ganama

    May God favor us in the area of discernment, that we recognize opportunities that are disguised otherwise.

    1. Beth

      Amen! Lord help us to see as You see, and be thankful.

  2. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    In reinventing myself I should be willing to push beyond my comfort zone and the familiar.

    #stretch #glean #advance #perfection

  3. Shizawali

    Lord I pray for the spirit of humility that will position me at the threshold of opportunities. Amen.

    1. Beth


  4. Julianne

    Thank You Lord Jesus Christ for hearing ears and a discerning heart, new opportunities and wisdom to function effectively in them now and always.

  5. Olushola


  6. Titilayo

    Amen! This message means a lot to me because most times i look around, i really don’t want to go through the process, most people always want the finished product. The life style especially here in Abuja is Microwave riches. quick fixes, lets make fast money. Ruth was an amazing woman, i will glean were i am and work at what God has given me, my talent, hand work etc.
    Thank you pastor for opening our eyes to following the process before we become. God bless you sir.

    1. wale afelumo

      Thanks Titilayo.
      God doesn’t just want us to have money, He wants us wealthy and rich in experience and character. That is what going through the process does for us, else, we will be called ‘Rich Fools.’

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