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“Therefore, say to them, ‘Thus says the LORD God: ‘None of My words will be...


“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…” ~ Proverbs 23:7   REFERENCE:...


  1. Sam Achema

    Amen Sir 🙏🏽
    I receive the grace to finish all well, with rest, awards, medals, high ratings and higher opportunities following 🤗

    1. Wale Afelumo

      Amen! So shall it be, in the name of Jesus.

  2. Wale Afelumo

    I look at everything God has done in my life, family, and ministry, and I say, “IT IS VERY. GOOD!”

  3. Blessing Okpale

    The God who is the beginning and beginner of every good thing in my life will be at the finish line to say it is perfectly done, all boxes checked💃🏻
    My destiny cannot stop here until everything in my life, family, ministry, health, business, job, career, marriage, etc becomes satisfactory and very good💪

    1. Wale Afelumo

      Yes, Lord! I agree and affirm this in Jesus’ name.

  4. Rebecca Azaki Akanji

    Father, thank you for making me a masterpiece, I receive grace to finish well and also help someone complete his or her journey to greatness. I give you glory and am grateful that am NOT a mistake. Lord, I decree that there will be no abandoned projects in my life. Thank Jesus for declaring your goodness in my life.🙏

    1. Wale Afelumo

      May His grace be sufficient for you always.

  5. Ferdinald Fada Feson

    Father, I stand readily available to whomsoever needs me to fulfill his/her desires. Use me to be a blessing 🙌 because they matter to God.

    1. Wale Afelumo

      God will give you grace to. Lives will be blessed by you, in Jesus’ name.

  6. Aliyah Afelumo

    I will have no abandoned projects in my life and I will.finish well. In Jesus Name. Amen

    1. Uduak Afelumo


    2. Wale Afelumo

      I say a BIG AMEN!

  7. Uduak Afelumo

    I look around me and I declare that it is good!!!
    God is good and there is no bad in Him or intention for me.
    All things work together for good!
    I partner with God to work for good! I am a generous soul.
    Jesus is at work, perfecting my marriage, family, ministry, nation, till His return.

    1. Wale Afelumo


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