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  1. Micheal Ogbadu

    I will get myself ready and prepared spiritual, mentally and physically for bye and bye opportunity will one day smile at me. I will also work out my salvation with fear and trembling for someday I will meet with my maker. God bless ILCC God bless Pastor Wale .

  2. Michael Udo

    I Pray That My Preparation (Hard Work) Will Meet My Opportunity, No Success Comes Without Hard Work.

  3. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    Faith beckons for preparation. I believe it will come to pass, so I better get ready.

    #advance #perfection #preparation

  4. Samuel Kariuki

    “Luck is what happens when Preparation meets Opportunity”… I am preparing myself for the opportunities ahead and when the two meet, some will call me lucky…but I will quickly sing with Jonathan McReynolds ” I am not lucky I’m loved”.

  5. Julianne

    Lord Jesus help me in my preparations to redeem the time and work wisely in Jesus name

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