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Now in my prosperity I said, “I shall never be moved.” Psalm 30:6   REFERENCE Psalm 30:6-7...


  1. Shizawali

    Being mindful of what I listen to…
    What I watch and my associations.
    Most importantly,Flee from any sign of temptation.

  2. Onakpa ogbadu micheal

    All I asked for is to be helped of God to stand firm and not give in to temptations no matter the pressure. So help me God. This is indeed a good for thought. God bless you Pastor Wale more Grace.

  3. Sam Achema

    Deliberate and “repeated exposure to temptation will eventually lead to sin”

    Highly gifted and talented people always feel they can handle anything until the smallest of things brings them down. Blessed is the man that stand not in the way of sinners

  4. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    Quite interesting that the her victims were all Great men. For a great man , it is cowardice to ‘flee’.

    The dependence on own strength is the beginning of losing the battle.

    By strength shall no man prevail.

    In this case , it is actually strength to RUN!

    I flee, I am Brave!

    #run #dbraveflee #notbypower

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