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  1. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    It is a time to celebrate and be thankful.

    Happy Anniversary ILCC.

    Praise God!

    #anniversarythinz #ILCCis3 #hurray

  2. Florence Olanike Fofah

    Thank you Pastor, may the Lord increase your wisdom and anointing in Jesus name, amen

  3. Samson Israel Olisa

    Work when it’s necessary and sleep because it’s compulsory. Awesome 😊

  4. Jummai

    It is a known fact that certain organs in the body gets regenerated at certain times of the night. When sleep is cheated on, at those times,it is injurious to ones health.
    But, in case of spiritual exercise,e.g , vigil, God Himself takes care of us cos ,we are in His presence.

  5. Dominc Livinus

    As we do the work which He commands us to do, Happy anniversary to all of us where ever we are in this great commission, as we have seen the finger of the Lord through the journey, may His mighty hand be upon each one of us through the process of enthronement in Jesus mighty name amen.

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