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  1. Uduak

    Enlargement happens during the time of waiting. I may not understand all that is happening, it may be uncomfortable, but the time of delivery will come and I will see what God was cooking up within me.
    Lord, please help me to wait.

    1. Lisu


  2. Ashi Dooshima

    This is my season of bringing forth all my seeds. I can feel the inconveniences. God has picked my file. YES the labor pain is much. But I know it is for something good.

  3. Mangai

    It doesn’t matter how long the EDD is exceeded it doesn’t matter through what process, what matters is that the baby inside of me comes out alive, nothing shall stop this birthing process. Father cause me to travail in the process and make my joy complete.

  4. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    Travailing to Triumph

    Lord help me to understand waiting.

    Even when my strength is failing, renew my strength O Lord.

    #enlargingwithin #birthpangs #faithgym

  5. Sarah Johnson

    Lord I need the strength to birth forth the seed in me.

  6. Shola Mshelia

    Thankful for the various seeds God has deposited in us

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