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  1. Esther Nuhu

    Thank you Lord for sending your word this morning, give me the grace to always come to you for mercy and to know you every day of my life, In Jesus name Amen

  2. Chibuzo

    This is wonderful. I have learned/learnt quite a few things:
    1. My understanding of God will determine the extent of my relationship with him.
    2. He who receives much forgiveness, loves more.

    From no.2, I should be a Shameless God lover and this message has served as a timely reminder that my Love for God should be more evident and visible.

    God is indeed Gracious, Faithful, Merciful, Loving, Patient and Kind.

  3. Keziah Gankon

    Lord Jesus, make my heart more beautiful than before. Thank you Lord.

  4. harrison

    Its awesome to understand the dept of Gods love. Everyday, situations and circumstances try to discourage us but as the sun rises and set each day we are reminded of his never ending love for us. Thank you pastor.

  5. Agogs

    Lord, I am thankful that you remain constant inspite of.. Thank you for your mercy, love and kindness always. Amen.

  6. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    Grace teaches.

    #return #advance #forwardmarch

  7. Breejj

    I thank God for his everlasting love and his Mercies always…..

    I thank God his love HAS been shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy spirit …..Who enables us overcome anything!

    If we love someone we won’t want to break their heart,we will do all we can to keep the affection and love going on…..Same with God! .If we say we love him, we will do all we can to stay away from sin…. We cannot continue in Sin became his grace abounds!(If we continue in Sin,It means we don’t Love God)

    Our New commandment is Love…..if we truly love we will keep the 10 commandments by DEFAULT!

    We must stop taking the Love of God for granted and make love our Motive for doing all that we do …then we will overcome!!!.

    Glory be to the Lord God Almighty for his unconditional LOVE!

  8. Theresa Anso

    Thank you Jesus for your word this morning. I’m grateful for your patience, kindness and love. Help us to understand your words and apply it in our everyday lives. Amen

  9. Julianne

    I have a Father,Almighty Father He is King of Kings and Lord of lords… Hallelujah! Amen!

  10. D.H.B.

    Thank you Lord for Your loving kindness and tender mercies that will never cease in my life. I love You too because You have loved me much! You go beyond my weakness to show Your tenderness in my life, and for that I am truly grateful. Where will I be without Your love following me about? You are just Awesome!

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