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  1. Josephine Gideon

    I speak positivity into my life, I cancel every negative remarks, comments,incantations,enchantments made over me, I cooperate with the Spirit of God to bring to pass what God has said concerning me….. Yes Lord take me, Break me, remold me and use me for your greater Glory…. Amen

  2. J Z Ganama


    Lord, will You please teach me to trust you to shape me as You want me? Sure You know what’s best for me, I’m not marred just different. A difference that places no limitations on Your transforming power. So I surrender today in every way. Use me as You please.

  3. Elizabeth Tyongi

    Thank you oh Lord My God for your word to me this morning help me Lord to be will and flexible for your remoulding in Jesus mighty name Amen

  4. Akanji Tunde

    Message out of my mess, favor out of my failure and glory out of my story as I remain in the Porter’s hand in Jesus’ name.

  5. Sarah Johnson

    I am the handing work of God.
    He makes all things beautiful.

  6. Ubi

    Wow! Really inspired!

  7. Agogs

    God will not give up on me!! Lord I ask that you put the broken pieces of my life and form something beautiful out of it again. Amen.

  8. Dave A. Voice

    I pray O Lord, mold something beautiful out of me. I will not be discouraged by the things I don’t understand right now, I will keep my eyes on the ‘finished’ product – a vessel of honor, fit for the Master’s use, in Jesus name.

  9. D.H.B.

    People’s negative opinion about my situation is void because God will mend my brokenness, clear every scar and make something beautiful out of my life fit for His use. Praise God!

    #ThePottersWheel #SomethingBeautiful

  10. Sapphire

    I submit to your process Lord. I trust you’ll make something good of me. I refrain from complaining and considering my present state as my final state.

    Something beautiful, useful and amazing is coming out of me in Jesus name. Amen. 🙏

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