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  1. Aishatu Dikko

    Faithful Father, God Most High…….today, I humbly ask for mercy in all areas where I made an alternative arrangement rather than wait; and I ask that the blood of Jesus will obliterate every negative consequence of my selfish actions.
    Have mercy oh Lord Most High…


  2. Elizabeth Tyongi

    Hmmm this this is an indeed walking by faith not by sight. Lord help me to be patient and always trust you to the end in Jesus mighty name Amen

  3. Dave A. Voice

    I must not let my heart be pushed into making any hasty decision because of what I think I may lose, miss or suffer if I don’t. I will wait on God till my change comes. He is able to restore whatever I may appear to have lost while waiting.
    Wait on the Lord, I say!


    Lord, I’ll STAND until You come for me!

  5. Ashi Dooshima

    Dear Lord, grant me the patience and peace needed to sustain this season of waiting in my life. May I never lose hope that you will present me with a perfectly timed gift; because I know that you are never ever late with your promises.
    Indeed delayed does not mean denied. It just means that the blessing coming is so much bigger than the one lost, and it will be worth the wait, worth the prayer and the planning.

  6. Olushola Mshelia

    I submit all to you Lord. Help me know that your plans for me are good and not evil, to give me hope and an expected end. I am counting on you my father.

  7. missybee

    I will wait for God no matter what……His promises are sure.

  8. oladipo

    Lord, help me to wait on You come what may… And to trust that Your plans for me are of good always.

  9. keziah Gankon

    Lord God, give me more patient to wait for your call. Hep me not to take any rash decision because others are successful. Give me my own time. Thank you Lord.

  10. Mangai

    …My patience shall be rewarding, I refuse to be discouraged no mater what, He has promised and will never fail me. My testimony is on the way!

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