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  1. Olushola

    Today i repent of any negative words i have spoken, i declare victory , peace, progress and prosperity in every area of my life and over every member of my family. Today i receive understanding for what i can use my spoken words to acheive. Thank God for revelation knowledge. I speak life

  2. Clementina

    Thank you so much for adding me back on inspiretogo daily nugget, what a way to start up my day. I am charged to speak the right words and confess what I want to see today and in my future, even in the face of contrary opinions and negativity my mind is made up to say the right words in season and out of season, especially now . I need you Lord? I need you, every hour I need you. Uphold me to finish strong and well in 2019 Lord

  3. Shizawali

    The Lord will honor the faith filled words I declare and bring into manifestation that which I trust Him for. Amen!

  4. Julianne

    Let the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight oh Lord in Jesus name

  5. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    The power to say the right words.

    #tongueimpact #create #briddle

  6. Elizabeth Tyongi

    Amen, help me Lord to be cautious of words that comes out of my mouth, I commit to speak in accordance with your words in Jesus mighty name Amen

  7. Terhemen joan

    I work in prosperity as I have God.

  8. Agogs

    I speak words of life, favour, peace, joy, abundance in every area of my life in Jesus name. Amen.

  9. Samuel Achema

    My mouth will facilitate the delivery of the kind of life I desire. I begin today to speak more of God inspired desires and expectations that will turn around my current circumstance

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