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  1. Olushola Mshelia

    Father help me remain patient till I inherit thy promises Concerning me in Jesus name Amen

  2. Michael

    Thanks for the word Pastor however, I think we also need the spirit of discernment because God would have answered our prayers but we don’t want to agree.. God bless

  3. Emeka Frank Okoro

    The word today is inspiring and reassuring. I’ve had some reasons to think I should speed up, but dear Lord give me the grace to wait for you in this critical times for definite direction and leading in Jesus name, amen.

  4. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    Faith without works is dead. To keep faith alive, WORK while you wait.

    Decide to LOVE while you wait and what you are hoping for will come true.

    #whistlewhileyouwait #waitinandloving #faithgym

  5. Agogs

    Lord I ask for the grace to wait patiently while trusting you for all you have promised. Amen.

  6. missybee

    It is good to wait for you Lord. I don’t mind waiting for He who has promised is faithful. Hallelujah!

  7. Helen

    Lord I ask for grace to wait patiently while trusting that Your purpose concerning me shall be fulfilled, amen!

  8. Metuei Ekpo

    Thank You Lord for Your timely message, I’m in my planting season and I ask for the grace to wait for my harvest in Jesus name.

  9. Afuye Jolaade

    I pray for strength to enable me wait to receive my breakthrough in Jesus name. Amen.

  10. Elizabeth Tyongi

    Help me Lord to patiently Wait until my certainly comes in Jesus mighty name Amen

  11. Micheal ogbadu

    All the days of my appointed time will I wait till my change come. God bless Pastor Wale God bless ILCC.

  12. Ashi Dooshima

    Though it tarries IT WILL SURELY COME TO PASS! I have no other God but you.
    Thank you Holy Spirit for the grace of waiting.

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