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where are the nine

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  1. Ene Daniel-Ebune

    Father, I reflect on Your goodness and faithfulness in my life and I am sorry that I am not as thankful as I ought to be. With a grateful heart, a song of praise in a loud voice and with outstretched hands, I say, “Thank you, Father! Let all that is within me bless Your Holy name, give You all the praise and glory in Jesus name, Amen!”

    1. Wale Afelumo

      Glory be to God 🎼🎼🎼

  2. Uduak Afelumo

    Okposong Abasi!!! The One Who takes care of me!!! The Lion Of The tribe of Judah Who fiercely protects His own!!! Creator of ALL things created!!! Deserving of ALL my thanks!!!

    Looking at the 10 men, it is interesting to see how suffering can unite us and our differences unnoticeable. It is the voice and attitude of gratitude that set this man apart from the others, it made him the man who gave glory to God and people realized he was a Samaritan. GRATITUDE WILL SET ME APART in Jesus’ name.

    1. Ive Kanebi


    2. Wale Afelumo


  3. Ive Kanebi

    An entitled man might never be grateful!

    Psalm 103:5, spells out categories of the things to bless God for, I think we focus on just one category most times and it prevents us from blessing God.

    The category we feel that has not been very addressed in the year is where we stay and sulk like ‘babies’

    I choose to acknowledge all categories and suddenly the sulking disappears and behind the veil is a grateful me!

    Hallelujah!! I got another Word!

    1. Wale Afelumo

      Glory to God! We bless Him for all His benefits.

  4. Samuel Kuria

    Lord You have done so much for me, I cannot tell it all, not even with 10 thousand tongues. But I will not tire of saying Thank You Lord, Your praise shall continually be in my mouth.

    1. Wale Afelumo

      Say it!!!
      Glory be to God.

  5. Wale Afelumo

    I will not forget. I will be intentional. Nothing will be too insignificant to be thankful for.
    Thank You, Lord, for life.

  6. Livinus Dominic

    It’s easier to point out what hasn’t happened or recieved, but difficult to point out what has happened and received. With a penitence heart, I’m sorry for what I’m not thankful for in Jesus name amen 👍🏼

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