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  1. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    I draw from the wisdom of God to know how and what to do in the varying seasons and the discipline of Christ to be diligent and consistent.

    #faithgym #diligence #wisdom #thriveinadversity

  2. Olushola Mshelia

    I pray for wisdom, grace and courage for planning at this stage. Of my life. This is a word in season. Thank you Jesus

  3. Sarah Johnson

    I lay down all my plans before you Lord for You know them all so help me Lord.
    You word says when I plan anything​ or everything, You are the One that direct.

  4. Keziah Gankon

    Lord God, I need you to push me further in order for my plans to come true. Oh Lord let me not lose hope. No matter how late it is, help me achieve my plans for my tomorrow, amen.

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