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  1. Becky Akanji

    Dear Lord, give me the faith that can withstand the test of time and seasons of life. When my faith tends to waiver, o Lord reassure me that you are there. Help me not to miss your promises as a reason of doubt and impatience. Amen.

  2. Shizawali

    I will keep my eyes set on you Lord! Thank you my Father because you will never fail me! Thank you for grace!

  3. Akanji Tunde

    I will focus on what I pray about or want and refuse to be distracted by time, Seasons, people, myself and even the devil (since it is their plan to water down my faith) until I get or receive that that is rightfully mine.

  4. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    To really have faith is to not turn back. I will not quit.

    #faithgym #totalresolve #notgoingback

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