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  1. Japari Ganama

    Amen 🙏

  2. Babatunde Adewusi

    Thank you sir. May God continue to enrich you. As I read today’s message I observed the use of the word Covenant appeared frequently. I also observed the use of the word inheritance. Covenant leaves one with obligations, there are terms or condition attached to the benefit that is attached to a covenant. However, inheritance has no obligations, it is attached to our status, as heir of God in Christ all blessings come to us by inheritance, yes it was promised to Abraham by covenant but we inherited the blessings of the Covenant between God and Abraham. I believe that is why we have a good inheritance in Christ. Psalm 16: 5-6. Inheritance to us in Christ, covenant to the Jew through the Abraham. We are a product of the covenant between God and Abraham not a part of it. We were saved by grace, not works. A marriage covenant is between a man and a woman and not the children of the marriage but the blessing of the union accrues to the children of the marriage. They have no obligations to the marriage only to benefit from it. The blessing of the union is their inheritance without obligations. We have a good inheritance in the union between God and Man (Abraham). The blessings of Abraham is our heritage it became ours not by any work but by our status as children of God.

    1. Pastor Wale

      Thanks for your observation. I can see your points and the way our thoughts would have come across. However, in using the word ‘covenant’, I did not intend to reference the kind of covenant in which two parties play a part. There are covenants in the bible that God cut, that did not require the part of the other person, in a sense. When He covenanted with Noah that He would not destroy earth again…Noah had no part to play. His covenant with the sun and moon are perpetual…no part they play, He sustains them. If you look at God’s covenant with Abraham in Genesis 15, Abraham had no part to play…it was not predicated on anything He was to do. God by Himself made the covenant and mentioned what He would do for Abraham. Circumcision was not Abraham’s part of the covenant; it was a ‘sign’ of the covenant (Gen 17:11). In the New Testament, Jesus actually cut a new covenant with His blood. Yes, it doesn’t require us to play a part…it was called a covenant, not because we play a part…but i think the language there is just that it is a unilateral, unchangeable and unequivocal promise of God…not covenant in that we also have a part to play. The Holy Communion becomes a ‘sign’ of that covenant too. That is the concept I had in mind…God’s unbreakable commitment to do what He has said. I see that it may not have been properly worded.

      Yes, Christ has brought us into a dispensation of grace, but we need faith to receive them…we must believe, and faith *without WORKS* is dead. I like to say that ‘Works do not justify a man, but a justified man works.’

      The illustration of parents and children sounds strong, but throws me off a bit. We are not a direct product of God’s covenant with Abraham…Jesus brought us in by the blood of His covenant. Yes, truly, children are not part of the marriage covenant, but for them to come into the full inheritance of their parents (or Father), they must wait for His unilateral will/testament/covenant after his death – the death of the testator…for the testament to be effected. So, they get their full inheritance by covenant, it is not just the kind that they have a part to play, it is the type that the father by himself swears and enacts.

      Thanks very much for your observation. It is well noted. God bless you.

  3. D.H.B.

    I am secure in God and confident that I will be divinely protected all the days of my life. Nothing missing…Nothing broken. Praise God!

  4. Keziah Gankon

    Lord Jesus,I thank you you another beautiful day. Lord,you have always been my life security ever since I was born. Your guidance through all my life. You have secured my child and I. Baba God,I say thank you. Heal us of our illnesses, especially my lil kristle. Heal her Oh Lord I call to you in years and thanks giving. You have wiped away my heavy tears from my face ,i appreciate you Lord….Gaskiya na gode..

  5. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    I have an Inheritance. Praise the Lord!

    #advance #forwardmarch #grateful

  6. Helen

    Thank you for a beautiful day & for your word that always heals broken hearts.

  7. Olushola Mshelia

    Confident of the love of God for me.

  8. Gloria Nyam

    Amen. Heavenly Father i am grateful for convenant of protection. From my first breathe till date you have been faithful. May my Children grow up to have a close relationship with you in Jesus name . Amen

  9. Israel

    Amen…. Indeed you’re my stronger tower and in you I find refuge.

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