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  1. Aisha Kyong

    Today’s word is just loaded with valuable truths; “Jeremiah 17:10” calls for sobriety, He is GMOLAH!!
    “In due season” just says to me “ therefore be anxious for nothing.

    1. Wale Afelumo Author

      What assurance!🕺🏽

  2. Wale Afelumo Author

    Wale, behold, your God will come with vengeance, with the recompense (reward & good harvest) of God; He will come and save (help, deliver, prosper and heal) you, IN JESUS’ NAME!

    Thank you Lord for the reassurance – You do not forget, due season will come.

  3. Sam Achema

    Amen 🙏🏼
    Jehovah Gmolah, the rewarder of them that diligently seek Him sees me !!!

  4. Offo Maku

    The reassurance of today’s word about God seeing all that I do and will reward me in due season lift my spirit to do more. Jehovah Gmolah will also fulfill His part. Thank you, Jesus! Amen

    1. Wale Afelumo Author

      Your due season will surely come. Get ready for a bountiful harvest.

  5. Shiza Abu

    For Jehovah Gmolah remembers!
    Praise God!

    1. Wale Afelumo Author


  6. Blessing Okpale

    Yes!!! He sees accurately and rewards adequately!!! What a mighty God💃💃💃

    1. Wale Afelumo Author

      Amen. Yes, He is!

  7. Anita Garenre Ifeanyi-Okorie

    Wow! The children of Isreal still hot their pay after all the years of forced labour; they got gold from the Egyptians. God Rewards, regardless of how long it may take. My God sees and rewards every secret thing.

    1. Wale Afelumo Author

      He is truly a rewarder.

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