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And they said to him, “Thus says Hezekiah: ‘This day is a day of trouble...


The Lord has made everything for its purpose ~ Proverbs 16:4a (ESV)   REFERENCE Proverbs...


  1. Keziah Gankon

    Lord Jesus Christ. You have done so much for me that I can’t count. Help me to accomplish my heart desires this remaining part of the year. Amen

  2. Gidal

    Today, I receive grace to actively count my blessings and name them one by one, to number my days and most importantly, give God thanks, honour, and praise for all He has done. Thank you Jesus!!! Hallelujah.

  3. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    Interesting; the Samaritans.

    There is something about that breed of people.

    Belief and action is everything.

    #believe #thesamaritans #gratitude

  4. Jay Porbeni

    As I wait in faith for the Lord, may I not loose sight for all He has done but be joyful always, giving Him thanks for all He has done and all He will do! Amen #Gratitude

  5. Olushola

    I am thankful for all your mighty works upon my life and that of my family. Lord you have done exceedingly well. Sai dei Kalman godiya.

  6. KAY

    Am thankful and grateful to the almighty God for all he has done for me and my family. May his wonderful name be blessed. I will ever remain gratuitous. I believe with FAITH that this second half of the year will be better in Jesus name amen. Blessed month brethren.

  7. Frank

    Wonderful piece.
    Dear LORD, I receive grace to continually think about and remember the things you have done. While trusting YOU for a better second half of 2018, I refuse to be ungrateful.
    So help me GOD. Amen!

  8. Shizawali

    Father,clothe me with the garment of Praise and Thanksgiving.

  9. Sapphire

    I refuse to be forgetful of the benefits you daily load me with. I thank you for all Lord. This heart is a grateful and praising one.

  10. Agogs

    Lord I thank you for everything you have done; even for those yet unseen. I remain in awe of your faithfulness and mercy. All the glory belongs to you Lord! Amen!

  11. Beth

    God shows kindness to us all the time. I need to consciously talk about those. Broadcasting the negative all the time is misrepresenting the kind God we say we serve. He deserves our praise and testimonies!!!

  12. Onakpa Ogbadu Micheal

    Lord God thank you for all you have done and has been doing for me, let the rest of this year fill my mouth with Thanksgiving for you . God bless pastor wale God bless ILCC

  13. D.H.B.

    Thank You Lord for Your faithfulness in my life; I will not stop being grateful to You.

    Thank You also because this second half for me will be better than the first half of the year. I receive the comfort and satisfaction that comes from You alone. Amen!

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