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  1. Julianne

    Abba Father I pray for strength on this journey of life to fulfill Your will Your way, to Your praise and glory in Christ Jesus. Amen

  2. Emeka Fred -Hilary Kanebi

    I need Jesus on my boat to get to the other side. Period!

    #iamwithJesus #notwithoutJesus #promisekept

  3. Dave A. Voice

    If only we took a peek into tomorrow. There are some fights we will avoid, some discouraging situations we will not give in to, some storms we will doggedly sail through, and some associations we will keep… If only we saw tomorrow and how today so much connects with tomorrow. If only!

  4. Helen

    Lord grant me strength & courage to make this journey to the other side in Jesus’ name.

  5. Ajiroghene Ayokunle

    I refuse to cooperate with distractions on my way to ‘my other side’.

    I see God use me liberate more young ladies from the grip of everything dishonorable. I see employees glorify God for opportunities to serve and grow better skills in my organization.

    Indeed I see me arrive my destination in destiny, hallelujah!

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