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  1. Sapphire

    We judge you faithful El-Shaddai. I choose to know your way than your works, to have your heart instead of your hands.
    My morning has come, my day of Joy has dawn. The sun of healing and strength is risen upon me. Brighter and brighter shall He shine.
    All that is required for my joy to come, begin to realign speedily in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen 🙏

  2. Joshua Pepsie

    Thanking God continuously for his unmerited faithfulness

  3. Uduak

    My Joy is coming! Hallelujah!!!

  4. Ashi Dooshima

    I’m trading my sorrow
    I’m trading my pain….
    I’m laying them down for the JOY of the Lord…

    The glory of the latter must surpass that of the former. I have not seen my best days yet, I have not shared my best testimony yet, God has not ‘closed the book’ on me yet, there are still colorful chapters to be written, I will still laugh louder than ever, I will yet sing again, I will yet be a reference point of God’s goodness to many others.
    Amen. Thank you so much Pastor. I’ve got my day right already.

  5. Elizabeth Aginieyi Tyongi

    Comment thank you lord for the many blessings this year, even concerning my building project I know joy will come soon in Jesus mighty name amen

  6. Jay Porbeni

    I am indeed thankful for this year and the knowledge/confidence of a coming joy!!!

  7. NKEM

    May God perfect all…

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